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Jersey City continues to surge!

Fueled by a booming New York City, great transportation in the form of the Path and light rail and 30 years progressive redevelopment planning, Jersey City continues to be the urban growth engine of the state. The factors feeding this growth are many, but Jersey City’s growth is not an overnight wonder. Its built on over 60 years of redevelopment building blocks, beginning with the Housing Act of 1949, the City embraced redevelopment by establishing a redevelopment agency, The JCRA in 1949. Since that time, every successive administration has built on the work of the previous administration to advance the city. A professional planning office was added to the JCRA in the 1970’s and city’s transformation was placed in the hands of the professionals. The present boom, slowed by the Great Recession, is now hitting Journal Square, the Central Business District of the city. Once again, the Journal Square story is not an overnight success. The Journal Square 2060 was started in 2007 and now encompasses approximately 240 acres and the highest FAR’s in the state.

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